HVNC Tinynuke 2023
HVNC Tinynuke 2023


HVNC Tinynuke 2023

HVNC Tinynuke Client and Server is based off of Tinynuke’s HVNC (C++).I do NOT encourage malicious use of this code. This was made for educational purposes only.


Start Explorer (Hidden Desktop)
Open “Run”
Start Powershell
Start Chrome
Start Edge
Start Brave
Start Firefox
Start Internet Explorer

In the Client’s “Main.cpp” file, edit the ip and port variables.
Compile the Server & Client, and run the Server.
Enter the port to listen on in the Server’s console when prompted.
When the Client is executed, it will open a new “Hidden Desktop” window. If you right-click on the white bar at the top of the “Hidden Desktop” window, you can view the available commands that you can run on the target machine.
Updates (New):
Fixed Browser Data Clone
Added “Start Powershell” Option
Made Client Console Hidden
Added “Start Edge” Option
Added “Start Brave” Option
Adjusted Window Size for “Start Powershell”
Added Prompt for Port to Listen On

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HVNC Tinynuke

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