Burp Suite Professional 2021.9 Build 10295


Burp Suite Professional 2021.9 Build 10295

Burp Suite Professional 2021.9 Build 10295 An advanced set of tools for testing web security – all within a single product. From a basic intercepting proxy to the cutting-edge Burp Scanner, with Burp Suite Pro, the right tool is never more than a click away.Our powerful automation gives you more opportunity to do what you do best, while Burp Suite handles low-hanging fruit. Advanced manual tools will then help you identify your target’s more subtle blind spots.Burp Suite Pro is built by a research-led team. This means that before we even publish a paper, its findings have been included in our latest update. Our pen testing tools will make your job faster while keeping you informed of the very latest attack vectors.

Burp Suite is a popular cybersecurity tool used by professionals for web application security testing and analysis. It is developed by PortSwigger and consists of several components that work together to identify and address vulnerabilities in web applications. Here’s a general overview of how Burp Suite works:

  1. Proxy: The Proxy module acts as an intermediary between your browser and the web server you are testing. When you configure your browser to use the Burp Suite proxy, it captures all HTTP and HTTPS requests and responses, allowing you to intercept and modify them.
  2. Target Analysis: Burp Suite can automatically crawl web applications to discover all available pages and functionality. This process is called “spidering.” It helps create a comprehensive map of the application, which is crucial for testing.
  3. Scanner: The Scanner module is used to automatically identify vulnerabilities in the web application, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and more. It does this by sending various payloads and analyzing the responses to find potential vulnerabilities.
  4. Intruder: The Intruder module is a powerful tool for automating customized attacks on web applications. It allows you to specify different payloads and positions within a request to test for vulnerabilities, such as brute-forcing login credentials or testing for SQL injection.
  5. Repeater: Repeater is a tool that allows you to manually manipulate and send individual HTTP requests to the server. This is useful for testing specific inputs or exploring potential vulnerabilities in more detail.
  6. Sequencer: Sequencer is used to analyze the randomness and quality of tokens or session identifiers generated by the application. This helps in identifying vulnerabilities related to predictable token generation.
  7. Decoder: The Decoder module helps you decode and encode data in various formats like Base64, URL encoding, and more. This is handy for analyzing and manipulating data within requests and responses.
  8. Comparer: Comparer is used to compare two HTTP responses and highlight any differences. It’s helpful for identifying subtle changes that might indicate a vulnerability.
  9. Extender: Burp Suite supports extensions and allows you to write custom scripts or plugins to enhance its functionality. The Extender module manages these extensions, making it a versatile tool for customizing your testing process.
  10. Collaborator: Burp Collaborator is a service that helps identify out-of-band vulnerabilities. It enables you to monitor interactions between the application and external entities, which can be crucial for discovering certain vulnerabilities.
  11. Logging and Reporting: Burp Suite provides comprehensive logging of all activities and vulnerabilities discovered during testing. You can generate detailed reports for your clients or colleagues to document findings and remediation recommendations.

Accelerate application security testing with Burp Suite
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Features of Professional Edition:

– Burp Proxy
– Burp Spider
– Burp Repeater
– Burp Sequencer
– Burp Decoder
– Burp Comparer
– Burp Intruder
– Burp Scanner
– Save and Restore
– Search
– Target Analyzer
– Content Discovery
– Task Scheduler
– Release Schedule

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