Gomorrah Stealr 4.0 Cracked
Gomorrah Stealr 4.0 Cracked


Gomorrah Stealr 4.0 Cracked

Gomorrah Stealr 4.0 Cracked programs or pieces of malware that are installed on a computer or device without the user’s knowledge or consent. Once installed, they silently monitor and record all keystrokes made by the user. Software keyloggers can be hidden in various ways, making them difficult to detect. They are often spread through phishing emails, malicious downloads, or compromised software.


Gomorrah Pro v.4.0 Stealer

Hardware Keyloggers: These are physical devices that are connected between a computer’s keyboard and its USB or PS/2 port. Hardware keyloggers are more challenging to detect than software keyloggers because they are external to the computer’s operating system. They capture keystrokes as they pass between the keyboard and the computer, recording the data on an internal memory chip or transmitting it wirelessly to a remote location.

Stealer Functionality

+ All based browsers Chromium, Edge, Gecko (Mozilla Firefox)
[ Google Chrome , Brave , Yandex , Comodo , Kometa , Orbitum , Amigo , Mozilla Firefox , Opera Webbrowser …etc ]
+ clipboard data
+ Discord session
+ Telegram session
+ Outlook

+ Grabber files with saving path directories and scanning subdirectories
+ FileZilla
+ Total Commander
+ Psi, Psi+
+ screenshot
+PC info
+ NordVPN
+ OpenVPN
+ ProtonVPN
+ Outlook
+Mozilla Thunderbird

## #Crypto Wallets
+ Armory
+ Atomic Wallet
+ Bitcoin Core
+ Bytecoin
+ Dash Core
+ Electrum
+ Ethereum
+ Exodus
+ Jaxx
+ Litecoin Core
+ Monero
+ Zcash

 Gomorrah Stealr 

Gomorrah Stealr 4.0 Cracked 

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