Klimt Stealer 2023
Klimt Stealer 2023

Klimt Stealer 2023

Klimt stealr is an offensive security tool designed for credential stealing, system information analysis and security assessments. It features a range of options for compromising different types of systems and applications, including Discord, Various CryptoCurrency Wallets, Web Browsers, Roblox, and many more. Klimt also includes a persistent reverse shell option that allows users to execute commands from a remote server, along with an interactive GUI builder.


Credential Stealing Klimt Stealer 2023:

Discord Stealer: Steals authentication tokens and account information from 30+ Discord locations.
Wallet Stealer: Steals cryptocurrency wallet files and credentials from popular wallets.
FileZilla Stealer: Steals recent server credentials and configuration settings from the FileZilla client.
Browser Stealer: Steals browser cookies, passwords, history, downloads and credit cards from Web Browsers.
Steam Stealer: Steals account authentication tokens from the Steam client.
Telegram Stealer: Steals client session data from the Telegram client.
Roblox Stealer: Steals login credentials and authentication tokens from the Roblox game client & website.
Program Injection

Discord: Injects a custom Javascript package into the Discord process for added functionality.
Startup: Adds Klimt to the list of startup programs to ensure persistence.
Browsers: Injects a custom module into major web browsers for added functionality.
System Information

Klimt Stealer 2023

General: Collects general system information using the Windows registry and WMIC.
Local Files: Scans the target machines files.
Installed Software: Collects information on installed software.
Network Connections: Logs network activity and connections.
WiFi/SSID Credentials: Steals login credentials and SSID information from all available WiFi connections.

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Klimt Stealer

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