COLLECTOR Native stealer cracked 2023
Native stealer cracked 2023


Native stealer cracked 2023

Advantages of Native stealer cracked 2023:

Excellent build weight (600 kb, 350-400 kb under UPX)
Completely untied from the seller panel (customers say that their logs are stolen, everything is open and access only you)

High collection rate (3-10 seconds log)
Collect from all accounts on your computer
Sa:MP customer data collection (nick, favorite server database)
Collecting data from Chromium browsers and browsers with non-standard data location (Passwords, Cookies, Autocomplete, Card Data)
Chrome v80 support
Collecting passwords from Edge
Gathering Discord Sessions
Collect all Telegram sessions
Filezilla password collection (new/old)
Collecting passwords and cookies from Mozila FireFox
Collecting wallet files

Collecting Pidgin passwords
Pidgin’s correspondence collection
PSI/PSI Account Collection
Collecting passwords to authorize NordVPN
Collecting Steam files/information about established games and Steam profiles
2FA Authenticators Sessions (Authy)
Recursive collection of files from your desktop
Sending the log directly to the telegram, as well as saving on the server (for mass unloading)
Your token is protected (your logs no one will salt)
Not a bad answer, even on a clean OC
Protection from re-log
The most stable build in terms of the knock is used

No self-removal of the build after launch
There is no protection against virtuals

Whatsapp +79017473945
jabber: [email protected]

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