Sorillus Rat Cracked 2024
Sorillus Rat Cracked 2024


Sorillus Rat Cracked 2024

Sorillus is Remote Access Trojan written in Java, that means that Server and Client is running on all operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac).

What is Sorillus Rat?
Sorillus is a platform-independent R.A.T (Remote Access Trojan) written in Java, that can help a pentester to get full remote access to any device that can run Java. This rat can infect Linux devices as well as mac os and other os like widows. their developer is planning to make a new version that can hack android as well so its not just a cross-platform rat its stub is also cross-platform supported.


•Pop-up: Display pop-up messages on the victims’ screen.
•Clipboard: Access and manage the victim’s clipboard contents.
•Open URL: Open a specified URL on the victim’s browser.
•Show IP: Retrieve and display the victim’s IP address.
•Report: Generate and send reports regarding system status and activities.
•Shutdown: Remotely shut down the victim’s system.

•Screenshot: Capture screenshots of the victim’s screen.
•Remote desktop: View and control the victim’s desktop remotely.
•Remote cam: Access and view the victim’s webcam remotely.
•Remote microphone: Listen to audio from the victim’s microphone remotely.
•Key logger: Record and monitor keystrokes on the victim’s system.

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•Play sound: Play customized sounds on the victim’s system.
•Black screen: Turn the victim’s screen black for privacy or focus purposes.
•Image walk: Display a series of images in a slideshow format.

•Text-Chat: Engage in text-based communication with the victim.

•Alias: Assign customized aliases or names to victims for easier identification.
•Notes: Add and manage personal notes or annotations for each victim.

•Thread: Monitor and manage threads within the application.
•Instances: Track and manage multiple instances of the application.

Advanced Controls:
•Remote Shell: Execute remote commands on the victim’s system.
•File Manager: Access and manage files and directories on the victim’s system.
•Processes: View and manage running processes on the victim’s system.
•Password Recovery: Recover passwords from supported browsers.
•Plugins: Extend the functionality of the application with custom plugins.
•Close Views: Close specific views or modules within the application.

•Add Autostart: Add payload to the auto start folder so it will automatically start with startup apps.
•Update Client: Update the victim’s payload to the latest version.
•Uninstall & Disconnect: Remove the client software and disconnect from the system.

•Reconnect: Reconnect a connection with a previously connected victim.
•Disconnect: Disconnect the connection with a victim.

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