Venom RAT 5.6 Cracked
Venom RAT 5.6 Cracked


Venom RAT 5.6 Cracked

A quality remote administration tool was the top request we had from our macro exploit users, and that’s how Venom Software was born. There’s no easier way to spread your exploit in any environment, and take advantage of remote file management & registry / command access.

Hidden Desktop
Hidden Browsers
Hidden Chrome
Hidden Firefox
Hidden Edge
Hidden IE
Hidden Pale Moon
Hidden Pale Waterfox
Hidden Explorer
Monitor on/off
Open/close CD
Show/Hide Taskbar
Show/Hide Start Button
Show/Hide Explorer
Show/Hide Clock
Show/Hide Tray
Show/Hide Mouse
Enable/Disable TaskMgr
Enable/Disable Regedit
Disable UAC
Remove Scheduler
Token Discord Recovery
Client Update
Password Recovery
Passwords.JSON/ History.JSON/ Autofill.JSON/ bookmarks.JSON/ cookies.JSON
Group View
Reverse Proxy
Much more…
Search option in Dashboard
Search in Password Recovery
System information
File Manager
Start Up Manager
Task Manager
Remote Shell
TCP Connection
Registry Editor
UAC Exploit
Disbale WD
Mic Record
Download/execute to disk/memory
Active Scheduler
Auto Password Recovery Stealer: Passwords/ History/ Autofill/ bookmarks/ cookies
Advanced Online – Offline Keylogger Set in target application
Timer for Online – Offline Keylogger target application
Automatically Download Logs For Online – Offline Keylogger
Telegram Notification
Client Note
Much more…

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Venom RAT 5.6 Cracked

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