VenomRAT 6.0.3 CRACKED 
VenomRAT 6.0.3 CRACKED


VenomRAT 6.0.3 CRACKED 

A “dream-come-true” for hackers and penetration testers, Venom RAT has managed to bring the best of both worlds into a single tool. You will be able to test your users by having direct RAT access to their systems, and then deploy advanced HVNC, while monitoring all their actions through a Keylogger, and many more plugins for your environment


Features of VenomRAT 6.0.3 CRACKED:

Hidden Desktop
Hidden Firefox
Hidden Chrome
Hidden Browser
Hidden Edge
Hidden Explorer

System Information
File Manager
Start Up Manager
Task Manager
Remote SHell
TCP Connection
Auto Task
Registry Editor
UAC Exploit
Disable WD
Mic Record
Download and Execute to disk Memory
Active Scheduler

Remote Fun
Monitor On / Off
Open / Close CD
Show/Hide Taskbar
Show / Hide Explorer
SHow / Hide CLock
Show / Hide Tray
Show / Hide Mouse
Enable / Disable Task Mgr
Enable / Disable Regedit
Disable UAC
Remove Scheduler
Token DIscord Recovery
CLient Update
Much More

Stub Features
Change CLient Name
Disable Defender
Change Registry Name
Enable Install
Hide File
Encrypted Connection
USB Spread
Hide Folder
Change Assembly CLone
Anti Kill
Start Up Persistence
Export as Shell Code
Enable Keylogger offline online

Password Recovery

360 Browser
Yandex Browser
Firefox Browser
Chrome Browser
Edge Browser
Oper Browser
Liebao Brwoser
Comodo Dragon
Srware iron
QIP Surf
Torch Browser
Brave Browser
Cent Browser
Epic Privacy Browser
Elements Browser
Orbitum Browser
7Star Browser
Ridium Browser
Sleipnir 6

Venom Rat + Hvnc features include all the feaure of venom rat

Hvnc Clone Profile
Hidden Desktop
Hidden Browser
Support Web Gl
Hidden Chrome
Hidden Firefox
Hidden Edge Explorer
Hidden Power Shell
Hidden Brave
Hidden Start Up
Reverse Connection
Remote Download and execute

Download VenomRAT

VenomRAT 6.0.3 CRACKED

Venom RAT CRACKED Download

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